Interesting Facts About becoming A Geographic Information Systems Expert


What is GIS?

In simple words, geographic information systems or GIS is high-tech mapping. But this doesn’t mean that it is as simple as just creating a map. There is a need to utilize some complicated computer software in order to conduct GIS. A GIS professional has to make use of data about the geographical features to be able to look deeper into real world problems, which they will also find solutions to.

Preparing for a GIS Degree

Preparing for a degree in GIS should start as early as high school. Students aspiring to have a career as a GIS expert should focus on courses in computer science, mechanical drawing, drafting, trigonometry, geometry, algebra, physics, and English. In the college level, students must pay more attention to learning quantitative methods, data handling, data analysis, computer technology, and cartographic display. The basic course to be taken would be communication also.

The training needed for a GIS degree would involve remote sensing, geographic remote systems, and spatial analysis. The coursework for a GIS degree would normally include classes in human social systems, cartography, and applied geography. For those students who would like to make their resume even more impressive, a good option is to take classes in computer programming, analytic geometry, finite mathematics, and calculus.

There are elective courses that would give students advanced knowledge, such as physical geography, advanced GIS techniques, and human geography. For those considering having second majors, among their options are math, computer science, biology, and geological sciences.

Planning for a GIS Career

Upon graduation, GIS majors are encouraged to take part in various activities which can help enhance their knowledge and skills, which will eventually open up many job opportunities for them. There are many chances also for students to do some research projects in school and even in their classes alone. Many faculty members are also engaged in research, and they often get from their own students their research assistants.

The majority of companies prefer hiring GIS experts who have a deep understanding of various cultures in the world. With that being said, if possible, you may as well join a study abroad program. This is a great opportunity for you to get that practical experience that will help you become more marketable as you look for a job. If your schedule won’t allow you to travel, you may use online degree programs where you will be offered a package that contain education and tourism.

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