Information Technology Jobs – How Much Can You Earn From It?


If you are looking for a degree that will guarantee you high-paying jobs after you graduate, look no further as an Information technology degree will give you what you need. The demand for IT professionals continues to increase by the day as more and more people heavily depend on technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics also estimate a 16% growth in employment until 2016. This means that there will be more high-paying jobs for all information technology graduates.

The earning potential of an information technology professional will depend on factors like education, work experience, location and demand. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree to apply for entry-level jobs. If you hold a master’s degree with you, the higher your earning potential will be. IT professional with more years of experience have great earning power too. In this field of work, experience is highly valued.

Some Of The Highest-Paying IT Jobs You Can Choose From

  • Senior IT Auditor

They do audit reviews for computer systems. They develop, test, evaluate IT systems and make sure that the system complies with the industry standards. Minimum 5 years work experience in IT auditing. The salary range is $86,750-$114,750. Salary change is 6.9%.

  • Senior Web Developer

They implement web-based applications and coordinates with product management, marketing and development. They are responsible for creating new applications for websites online. At least 5 years of work experience is needed to work in web technology. The salary range is $76,250-$108,250. Salary change is 6.6%.

  • Lead Applications Developer

They are in charge of software development, designing, and coding. The job requires 3-5 years work experience. The salary range is $80,250-$108,000. Salary change is 7.6%.

  • Messaging Administrator

They control email systems, associated servers, backup programs and fixes problems with service requests. At least 2-3 years work experience with the same messaging company. The salary range is $87,250-$120,000. Salary change is 7.5%.

  • Network Manager

He is in charge of maintaining the company’s network system and making sure that day-to-day operation are running smoothly. He coordinates with computer engineers and computer architects to implement and integrate network systems. To become a network manager, minimum requirement is 10 years of work experience in network systems. The salary range is $74,500 to $98,500. Salary change is 7%.

Bear in mind that your salary can always go up if you pursue a higher-level degree. Do not just be contented with a bachelor’s degree. Achieve new heights in your career by completing a master’s degree in Information Technology too. You will be amazed at what you can gain from this career path.

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