Great Careers For Information Technology Graduates


Information Technology is one of the hottest fields to work in today. With technology all around us, you can be rest-assured that there will be plenty of jobs to go around for informational technology graduates. Often, having a job in information technology will give you a reputation of being a nerd that works in front of the computer all day. Trust us when we say that you do not know a thing about how hard these people work.

Information technology professionals run databases, write computer codes, create applications and programs and make sure that all computer systems are running smoothly. These nerds that you call are the people responsible for your computers and applications today. Every company, business and organization today need a team of expert information technology professionals to make sure that there will be no problem with their computer systems. Any setback can cause a company huge money.

Great Careers Available For Information Technology Graduates

  • Lead Applications Developer

Lead applications developers manage software development. Tasks include designing, developing, coding, testing and making sure that applications are free of bugs. You will need a bachelor’s degree for this job and at least 3-5 years of work experience in the field.

  • Applications Architect

Applications Architects design applications including the interface, infrastructure, design and middleware. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement but a master’s degree is better. You will need 8 years of experience plus expert software skills.

  • Data Modeler

A data modeler analyzes the organizational data and creates model for the proper flow of data. A bachelor’s degree is needed and 7 years of experience in data management.

  • Network Manager

A network manager directs the everyday operations and supervises the proper maintenance of network systems. Network managers coordinate with network engineers and architects as well as staff members. Tasks include testing, maintenance, implementation, integration and deployment of network systems. You will need 10 years of experience or more to work as a network manager.

  • Senior Web Developer

You should know that a Senior Web Developer plans and implements web-based applications. With the popularity of the internet, senior web developers are highly sought. Tasks include product development, marketing and product management. You will need a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of experience to work as a senior web developer.

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