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Adults throughout the country are updating their skills and training for new jobs at a time when unemployment rates are high and the economy sluggish. Obtaining their university degrees online is one way they are changing lemons into lemonade.

In Rhode Island, a woman told the Providence Journal in April that the financial planning industry she was in had changed, that she viewed the Internet and computers as the future and that she had returned to school to “retool”. A man who reportedly held a dozen jobs since his 1996 high school graduation returned to school to study Web design after being laid off in 2008 from a payroll company where he worked, according to this same Journal report. If you need more information about distance learning course, look on the internet.

People by some estimates change careers every 10 years, and Labor Department approximations suggest that 40 percent of the American population changes jobs annually, according to a “32 Trends Affecting Distance Education” report. What’s more, the report noted the Information Age that we’re in is expected to bring about a continuous cycle of retraining and retooling.

Adults setting out for retraining and retooling can opt for online college classes and online degree programs. Online offerings tend to be flexible enough so that students can design study schedules that don’t interfere with family and work responsibilities. Online college offerings also save commute time, fuel and costs. And online college programs by their nature allow students to enhance their technology skills simply by participating in them. Online degree programs are available at the associate, bachelor, master’s and doctorate levels. Some online programs award students certificates after training is completed.

Some programs are offered entirely online, either by colleges and universities with physical presences as well, or by institutions that are entirely virtual. Other programs come in “hybrid” varieties, where students participate online and spend some time on campus. Online college enrollment, as well as the number and variety of degree programs, have been growing substantially. Degrees online include areas that some consider high-growth, such as engineering, technology and environmental sciences, and health care. There is an abundance of information about on line masters degree on the web.

A California woman with a bachelor degree and several teaching credentials in 2008 tried to obtain a teaching job without success and ended up landing an environmental-related job, according to an April San Diego News Network report. This woman, who participated in an environmental certificate program, now works as a sales consultant for a Pasadena company that provides composting services and education, the news network noted.

At least one school has even established a program to help adults change careers. This institution, based in Georgia, offers a hybrid doctorate program for executives who want to become professors, according to an April report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A six-figure executive, laid off from two different jobs, is among the students, the Journal-Constitution article noted.

Adults who are considering getting their university degrees via distance courses might consider advice from experts and select those that are offered by regionally accredited institutions. With accredited online institutions, students are more likely to be able to transfer credits and obtain financial aid, making that masters degree a valuable first step.

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