If I Start An Online Degree, Can The Credits Be Transferred To A Conventional Degree Program?


Online degrees and schools are now very popular since they provide great option for those who cannot finish their degrees through conventional schooling methods. With online schools, people who do not have the sufficient time to attend long hours of classes everyday can now take some classes based on their available time. People with part-time jobs or even full time jobs can also adjust their studying schedules through online degree programs. However, one crucial thing people should consider before enrolling in an online degree program or online school is the accreditation of the school and the degree they are offering.

Transfer of credits is very important for transfer students because if their credits are not transferred, they will have to take the classes they already finished from their online school all over again. Transfer of credits from a conventional degree program to an online degree program is usually allowed and recognized by most online schools especially if the conventional school is recognized and reputable. In some cases, credits from an online degree can also be transferred and credited to a conventional degree program. However, various rules or requirements should be complied first before an online degree credits can be recognized and credited by a traditional school or university.

One of the main factors that are considered when transferring credits from an online degree program to a traditional degree program is the accreditation of the online schools. Conventional schools, colleges and universities allow transfer when the online school is fully accredited by the accrediting and regulating agencies in the state or country. There are a lot of accreditation boards and organizations that provide certifications to various online schools so make sure that the online school you are enrolled in is accredited by an accrediting body recognized by most conventional universities in the country.

Make sure also to inquire first if they allow transfer of credits from an online degree. This is because universities and colleges have different rules and regulations in terms of accepting transfer students. Even if the online school you came from is fully accredited, some universities do not transfer credits because of their own rules and guidelines. Another crucial thing you should also consider is the credit hours of your classes. To ensure that your online degree credits will be transferred and credited, look for the college or university that also offers equivalent or the same credit hours – usually three-hour credits for every subject or class.

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