How To Avoid Looking Unprofessional After Graduation


If you’ve ever joined any social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, or BlogSpot, then you’re familiar with posting details of your life online to update your family and friends about your status. These posts could range from simple text, personal photos of an event, or videos.

Recently, it has been observed that new graduates from universities and colleges choose to terminate their connection to all their contacts on the social network community even before starting to apply for work.

You might also find yourself deleting any emails and blogs as these can be forwarded or read anytime.

The reason is obvious, more and more employers to-be are using social networking sites to get more information about their candidate employees. There is more evidence that more and more companies are Googling their applicants to do a background check.

Just imagining these companies going through your personal life and information is sure to make anybody cringe. As much as you want your family and friends to know how you are doing, you also don’t want any stranger knowing the ins and outs of your life.

Faculties of respectable colleges and universities recommend to their graduates to create a businesslike image on their personal social networking websites, even emails and blogs. You cannot depend on passwords because head hunters have a lot of contacts that can get through or within your group.

Based on a study conducted by, statistics show that out of sixty individuals in school more than forty two individuals are not bothered about what the head hunters can find on their account in a social network site.

And out of 90 employers, 20% of these say they use social networking sites to do a background check on their candidates. Some 6% used this background check as a basis for not hiring a candidate while a considerable 26% made no comment to the survey question.

As a closing recommendation, Roberto Angulo of states that graduating students should take measures to be careful what they post online.

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