Want To Know What Interesting Jobs Are Waiting For Dental Hygiene Majors?


The possibility of earning a degree in dental hygiene online has definitely made this course popular among those who want to shift careers and those who are looking for career advancements. By choosing the right online school and online degree program in dental hygiene, you will be eligible for any of these jobs:

DENTAL HYGIENIST – dental hygienists are considered as really vital members of the dental field. They are normally employed in a dental clinic, but they may also get a job in hospitals, health clinics, and even in nursing homes. Aside from examining and cleaning the teeth, gums, and mouth of patients, a hygienist may also give anesthesia. They are also tasked to remove stitches, apply dressings, place fillings, and even polish bridges and crowns.

In terms of work schedule, dental hygienists have one of the most flexible work hours. They are often the ones to arrange their own appointments, which means that they can take the time off whenever they want. In most dental clinics, dental hygienists are required to report for duty only 2 or 3 days a week.

The requirements to become a dental hygienist would include a degree in dental hygiene and a license. It normally takes 2 to 4 years to complete a particular dental hygiene degree program. As for the license, the requirements would vary according to the state you may wish to practice in.

DENTAL ASSISTANT – dental assistants do not need to have any certification to work in clinics. While dental assistants may be asked to do some simple patient care duties, like conducting x-rays or polishing teeth, these are not their primary roles. They are basically trained on dealing with office and paperwork.

There are online schools and training programs also that you can take to have the proper training to become a dental assistant.

HEALTH EDUCATOR – dental hygienists are by nature educators. As part of their clinical duties, they also talk to patients about the proper care for the mouth area. By earning a degree in dental hygiene plus acquiring some experience in the field, a dental hygienist may work as an educator outside the dental clinic.

As a dental hygiene educator, you may work in elementary and secondary schools. Here, you will be part of the health department and will have the responsibility of teaching students on the proper dental care techniques. In universities and colleges, you may use your education and experience in this field to impart some knowledge to those aspiring to be dental hygienists in the future also.

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