Online Degrees in Occupational Safety and Health


Occupational safety and health is the practice of looking into and assessing working environments with the aim to guarantee the safety of employees. Needless to say, any workplace, whether it is a small store or even a huge factory, can pose threats to their workers. The main responsibility of an occupational safety and health specialist is to pinpoint any possible hazards to make sure that employers make the necessary adjustments for the prevention of accidents.

Online Degree Programs

Online degrees in occupational safety and health are made available especially for those professionals who have the desire to improve their skills in creating, applying, as well as evaluating various strategies for enhanced workplace conditions.

Certificates in Occupational Safety

Certificate programs normally can be completed in a few months. In this course, students are prepared to take certain certification or licensure exams, which in this case would be the CSP or Board of Certified Safety Professionals exam. There are a lot of professionals from different fields who also take up this course in order to learn about the important policies, regulations as well as the acceptable practices in the field.

Associate’s Degree in Occupational Safety

An associate’s degree in occupational safety and health usually lasts for two years or a minimum of 65 credit hours and can make graduates eligible for various entry-level jobs in this industry. But most of the time, practitioners use this degree as their stepping stone towards another higher degree program. Those who earn an associate’s degree are actually qualified to work as a junior safety practitioner.

Bachelor’s Degree In Occupational Safety And Health

It normally takes 128 credit hours to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health. Bachelor’s degree programs would generally consist of general education courses along with basic science courses, specialization classes, and of course internship. Given the fact that bachelor’s degree graduates spend more time learning, they receive a lot more career opportunities.

By earning a bachelor’s degree, you can become a highly competent and qualified occupational safety specialist. After taking up the core science courses like psychology and biology, students will proceed to more specialized courses. In a bachelor’s degree program, students will learn certain skills, including writing skills, delivery of oral presentations, computer technology, as well as leadership and management skills.

In general, a bachelor’s degree is the required educational level for those who would like to be a professional occupational safety and health inspector. Master’s and doctorate programs are available in some schools as well, which are perfect for those who would like to work as teachers in universities.

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