How Long Will It Take To Become A Vet


When you were young, you had a pet dog that you really loved. It was then that you realize that taking care of animals and treating their illnesses is the job you want to do for the rest of your life. This job will make you happy. If you believe, your purpose is to be an instrument in helping animals improve their health and live longer. Now that you are about to step foot in college, you are steps closer to achieving your dream.

Whoever thinks that the job of a veterinarian is easy is misinformed. A veterinary profession is hard but the hard work leads to a sense of fulfillment every day. This job is very rewarding financially and emotionally. The best path to become a veterinarian is to apply in a vet school and complete your degree.

Entering a veterinary school is a lot tougher than getting in a human medical college. For one, there are limited veterinary colleges available. Second, your grades should be high enough to pass the requirements of the program. You must know that the field of veterinary is very competitive so you really have to increase your qualifications to get in the program.

So, how long will it take to become a veterinarian? Completing your veterinary degree will take 4 years. After that, another 4 years is intended for veterinary medicine if you want to pursue that. Internship programs are not required but they are important parts of the coursework. There are veterinary tech programs that will only take around 2 years and you can get this from tech colleges. Nevertheless, the more years of studying and experience, the better veterinarian you will be.

Once you finish veterinary school, can you start practicing already? The answer is not yet. All veterinary degree holders should pass the national veterinary medical board exam to become a licensed veterinarian. Each state has its own set of requirements so make sure you are eligible for the exam in your state.

It will take a while before you become a practicing veterinarian in your state. In may take 8 years before you start your own private clinic but trust us when we say that the preparation will benefit your career greatly. With 4-8 years of preparation in the veterinary field, you can take on any animal problem or health concern as well as gain experience in life threatening situations.

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