Facts about Dental Hygiene as a Career


Dental hygiene is all about keeping the gums, teeth, and the mouth healthy by means of flossing, brushing, and regular deep cleaning. Dental hygienists are the ones who work in dental clinics to provide assistance to patients having routine dental checkups. Dental assistants, on the other hand, are the ones you will find in front of dentist’s offices, who greet patients, setup appointments, and keep patients’ records.

A dental hygienist takes a look at the gums and the teeth of the patient, and then makes a record of their findings. Basically, they polish, clean, and remove the deposits found in the teeth. It is also their responsibility to take radiographs or x-rays of the mouth. It is very important for dental hygienists also to work closely with the dental practitioner so that the latter would be able to get all the necessary information through the hygienist’s assessments. These records are very important as they are the basis of the dentist’s diagnosis and treatment.

Aside from checking the dental condition of patients, dental hygienists also talk to patients in an effort to educate them on what dental hygiene techniques they should use. They can educate patients on how to brush their teeth properly, how to floss the right way, as well as how they could stay away from any form of gum disease or infections. To do this effectively, dental hygienists would need to have strong communications skills so that they can interact well with people from different backgrounds and personalities.

Another essential skill that a dental hygienist should possess is great hand control. As the tools used by these hygienists to examine and clean the teeth and gums are small, they need to be able to work properly with their hands.

Dental hygienists do not only examine and clean the mouth, the gums, and the teeth of patients, but they also are given the task of cleaning the mouth of the patient once the dentist has put in a filling. What they do is polish the fillings and also remove the residue from the cement or the filling.

Indeed being a dental hygienist is something that is challenging. But this can be overshadowed by the fact that this is a rewarding career as well. As we all may know, dental care is something that everyone cannot do without. And so, it is pretty sure that dental hygienists will always have somewhere to go in the field of health care services.

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