Being A Veterinarian – How It Can Open Doors For You


When considering the job opportunities once you graduate from veterinary school, you will be glad to know the finding a job will not be difficult especially in the next 5 years or so. This is because of the high demand for veterinarians but the low number of veterinary graduates every year. There is keen competition to get into veterinary school, which makes it harder for aspiring veterinarians to enter the program.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the employment rate in this field will increase by 36% from this year to 2018. What this means is that there are more jobs for veterinary graduates available even if there are more veterinarians every year. Job outlook is bright and employment opportunities remain good.

What employment opportunities will come your way once you graduate?

  1. Animal Clinics and Hospitals

Most veterinarians will practice in animal clinics and hospitals. Caring for animals is the main focus and priority of these facilities. Most animals that are admitted to these clinics or hospitals are household pets like cats and dogs. There is a bigger demand for veterinary care for cats as the population is rapidly growing. Veterinary care for dogs is growing at a modest rate.

Pet owners are willing to spend money on caring for their companions. They treat them as their own family. When a pet is sick, only veterinarians can help the poor animal. No other type of profession can take over the duties and responsibilities of a veterinarian, which makes them very important in society today.

  1. Animal Shelter, Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary

Aside from working in a hospital or clinic for animals, you can work in a zoo, wildlife sanctuary or animal shelter. Working in these facilities enables you to treat animals and work with them closely every day. In animal shelters, malnutrition animals and homeless animals are cared for. In zoos and sanctuaries, veterinarians make sure that animals are in good health to avoid infecting the other animals and species.

  1. Private Practice

There are veterinarians who choose to build their own veterinary clinic right after graduating and getting their license. Private practice is considered to be in the self-employment field. Here, you have the same duties and responsibilities of a veterinarian working in an animal hospital or clinic except that you determine your consultation hours. Moreover, you will earn your full consultation fee without your employer getting a percentage off it.

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