Are Certificate EMT/Paramedic Programs Better Than The Degree Programs?


Emergency medical services degrees are highly specialized applied science programs that offer training to professional paramedics or emergency medical technicians (EMT). Although it is not mandatory to have a college degree in emergency services in order to work in this service, earning such a degree would be the solid foundation for students who are looking for certification. This is huge considering that all states in the US for instance require all their paramedics to have a certificate or license.

If you are wondering whether you are going to take a certificate program or a degree program in EMT/paramedic, you will have to consider several things. By taking a certificate program, you will have an additional certification in your resume even without actually spending time to earn a degree. Such programs are available in health, police, and even fire departments. These are also offered by some universities and online schools.

The possibility of getting a certificate through such program has become more attractive since the emergence of online schools. By taking online classes, professionals wouldn’t have to give up their careers just to pursue this program. What’s more, by earning a certificate in EMT/Paramedic, they will have more knowledge on administrative and safety practices, and medical theories.

EMS and paramedic services degree programs, on the other hand, are typically centered on the management aspect of this field. Those who are interested in medicine but are not sure what exactly they want to engage in are recommended to get a degree in health sciences. In contrast to a certificate program, a degree program would require students to take some general education courses, such as social science, English, and math among others. These are necessary to build students’ skills in communication and critical thinking.

In choosing between a degree program and a certificate program, you would need to first evaluate your goals, both long term and immediate ones. Make sure also that you get enough information about the two programs to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

When it comes to choosing the right school to enroll in, you should seriously consider opting for an online program. But of course, if you have the time and the resources to attend college, it would also benefit you in the end. The bottom line is that no matter which EMT/Paramedic program you choose, you will have a better chance to have a fulfilling and worthwhile career.

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