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America likes to consider itself the land of second chances. In the 19th and 20th Century this meant it was a chance for immigrants to come here, start anew and build a new life. While there might be some controversy about that these days, the rule still applies for college drop outs. These prospective students aren’t kids, however, and have real life responsibilities they can’t ignore. This is where on line degree programs are the answer.

You have plenty of companionship if you dropped out of college. Fully fifty percent of those who start college don’t finish. At colleges such as MIT, Yale and Harvard the rate of drop out is as high as seventy-five percent. Many former students were adequately prepared in the lower level schools they attended, some leave for financial reasons, others for health, and still others who just weren’t prepared for the responsibilities thrust upon them. Both the Bureau and the U.S. Board of Education report that of the millions of students going for their Bachelors, one third of them had dropped out once and are trying again. One key way they are doing so is by attending an accredited online college.

At the same time, the salary differential between a high school grad and someone with a Bachelors degree is getting wider and wider. The U.S. Census reports the average salary of a high school grad is $30,000. An individual who completes a four-year program averages nearly 75% more, at $52,000. The person with the Bachelors also enjoys better benefits packages, including life and health insurance and retirement programs, among other things. If you need more information about college degree, look on the internet.

So is this the end of the world? Hardly. As said before, this is supposed to be the nation of second chances. A good way for a college drop out to get that second chance is at an online college. Here are some of the ways an online college can help:

(1) If you dropped out to get a job or have a child, you can make your online education conform to your job and life. You can study from home, meaning you have one less place to commute to. In these days when it seems the world itself is pressed for time, this is something that’s an advantage and saves money too.

(2) What if your original major just wasn’t for you? An online college is a less stressful way to find what is. It’s not uncommon for students to switch major in the middle of college. Starting by taking some courses of interest, and then finding out what you’re good at, is a great way to lead to a career. Online is a much easier way to sample the waters before diving in. There is an abundance of information about online degree course on the web.

(3) The campus is available wherever you are. This is of particular importance to one of the most common forms of employment for the dropout, sales, i.e., the worker who must commute from one city to another. Thanks to the satellite communications and the high speed internet, you can take your class wherever there’s Wi-Fi or a phone jack. It makes a night in a motel more productive than what’s the hotel special.

Still, it’s felt getting that sheepskin in their hands would improve their lives. Online universities just make doing it quite a lot easier. With the availability of courses and college offerings, the availability of online accredited degrees are providing the second chances so many are now ready for.

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