Getting Your Degree Online Is A Growing Option!


Online education is expanding in leaps and bounds. U.S. News & World Report recently wrote that 25% of all students are taking at least one course online in 2008. This was a 17% increase from 2007. Students have discovered online classes from high school through post-graduate school. The evidence is even stacking up that students learn their lessons just as well through online teaching as face-to-face class work, if not better. There’s no reason to believe the number of students getting a degree on line will do anything but grow.

In fact, the fastest growing portion is already working. Their employers are endorsing this as an expedient way to train personnel. Companies need their employees to stay current with the latest innovations in their profession. Taking online classes not only does it outside the work cubicle, but at a better price. For example, the health and insurance industries are currently studying how Obama’s new health care policies will effect how they do business. The payoff is it provides employers better skilled personnel. At the same time, the employee gets more tools to help climb the industrial ladder. If you need more information about on line master degree, look on the internet.

Private companies aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this. No less than the Air Force announced its personnel orientation and supervisor training will now be done virtually. This now allows military students and workers to get online educations without taking time out from their other responsibilities, whether they are stationed domestically or internationally.

This goes beyond cadets, airmen and officers, too. The Air Force employs a number of civilians for non-combat related services with outside contractors. New civilian employees and contractors must take seven online modules on how to conduct business with them. It’s working so well nearly 8,000 people use it. The Air Force also requires the 4,000 new supervisors a year to complete a minimum of three virtual classes.

The system is working so well for employers because their work force can take classes whenever they are free, thus losing no time when on the clock as they would going on campus. Some classes also allow webcams so they can communicate over live video links with their instructors and fellow classmates. There is an abundance of information about associate of arts degree on the web.   There apparently is no sign of this slowing down either. E-learning is becoming so accepted some courses must turn applicants away, particularly when it comes to taking Master’s degree courses. Another interesting thing about the Air Force is it accepted just 150 of the 600 applicants for its free classes in military operational art and science.

Other government agencies are now copying the Air Force’s models. The Health and Human Services Department now offers virtual class programs for its personnel. Their virtual school system even includes tips one employee can leave another. Troopers stationed overseas also are taking virtual classes when not on duty. The Army even lets them put it on their tab.

General education or getting adistance learning online degree is the way of the future. As more education is required to compete, those with a bachelors degree are going to want to attend an online masters program to make themselves the best candidate possible.


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