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Of all the engineering disciplines, civil is the largest. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are over 278,000 of them in the U.S. It will stay that way for some time to come, thanks to several stimulus packages put forth by President Obama this year, some with quite a bit of emphasis on online education.

Civil engineers are people who design and supervise the construction of anything from a skyscraper to a super highway to a private home. This doesn’t just include the brick and mortar, but ventilation, plumbing, even the sidewalk. They also have to juggle the project against the expected lifetime of the project, federal to local government bylaws, and possible hazards such as from natural disasters to, these days, sabotage. If you need more information about information technology degree, look on the internet.

Civil engineering, considered one of the oldest engineering disciplines, encompasses many specialties. The major ones are structural, water resources, construction, transportation, and geotechnical engineering. Many civil engineers hold supervisory or administrative positions, from supervisor of a construction site to city engineer. Others may work in design, construction, research, and teaching.

Thanks to a number of stimulus packages proposed by President Obama last January, the Bureau projects exceptional job growth over the next ten years. Civil engineers will be the number one profession most affected by this project, upgrading or building new roads, power plants and other public structures.

A person who wants to become a civil engineer needs a math and natural science background. Learning drafting and CAD is essential. While still undergraduates, students should keep an eye out for work-study and internship programs with companies, as they provide hands-on experience that recruiters feel is also necessary for a successful career. Another training ground for civil engineers is the military, which has experience with everything from temporary bridges to the Tennessee Valley Authority, especially the Corp of Engineers.

Even after getting a four year degree, there’s more. There is a certification process from the main professional organization, the American Society of Civil Engineers. Online education usually plays a big role here, as the young engineer has to put in one to two years of work while studying for the certification exam. This has its advantages as the online school usually includes many CAD simulations comparable to the occupation, making the test process easier. There is an abundance of information about college courses online on the web.

As civil engineers are a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) profession, aspiring students have access to a lot more financial aid than just the standard state scholarships and federal Pell grants. They can also contact the National Science Foundation for S-STEM aid for starters. The military and private corporations also have their share of financial aid. For a more complete picture of this, one should consult with a financial aid advisor.

Familiarity with computers is a must and that makes an online university nearly a breeze for those entering. All the coursework needed to get an information technology degree is there for the prospective student.


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