Exploring College Financial Aid Reveals Corporation And Industry Contributors!


College tuition has risen relentlessly over recent years. Cable news network MSNBC reports the average tuition was slightly over $7,000 for the 2009-10 academic year. CNN says the tuition for a four-year degree is nearly $27,000. Neither includes room, board and other sundry expenses, but both estimate costs could go up as much as 15% by 2010-11. The idea that the cost of earning a degree can be hard to handle is becoming one huge understatement. This isn’t even really taking into consideration traditional or online graduate school for advanced degrees.

This is making many students adopt work-study situations to afford tuitions. They enroll at an online college, so they can go to work during the daylight hours, then follow a part-time school schedule. Some national and even international corporations, such as McDonald’s and Blockbuster, will help pay for their education – sometimes even covering the entire tuition – for as long as a student works for them. Still, landing such jobs during the current recession can be few and far between.

Now many colleges, both online and on campus, offer aid based on need and/or academic performance. The federal government also has such programs as the Pell, ACG and SMART grants, not to forget President Obama’s new tax credits that were part of his health reform act. Obama even got the amount of money offered to be increased next year. Still, there’s often an incredible valley between school costs and grant money given. If you need more information about scholarships online, look on the internet.

Still that isn’t all that’s available to a hardworking student. Access a good search engine, type your curriculum followed by the words “financial aid”. The results will yield an incredible number of outfits much like the aforementioned McDonald’s or Blockbusters. They have scholarships for everyone from medicine to journalism, honest-to-goodness rocket science and veterinary science. A quick search yields four such examples:

(1) The National Aeronautic and Space Agency (or NASA for all the budding rocket scientists) has a competition wherein students submit their ideas for the best approach to space exploration. NASA wants to engage more students in STEM disciplines, and they figure the scholarship prize will certainly help.

(2) The American Veterinary Medical Association initiated a debt relief program for graduates who devote their careers to food animals such as sheep, cows and pigs. The group announced that by combating the out-of-control debt many students endure to become vets they hope it will encourage more to enroll.

(3) The Scripps Howard Foundation. This news organization awards scholarships for several different categories, including scholastic achievement, excellence in work-study and community service. They claim the grants bring out a young journalist’s potential.

(4) There are even programs for pharmacists. The gigantic retail pharmacy corporation, CVS Caremark, has teamed with some colleges for scholarships and internship programs. They want to increase diversity in their profession and help high school students gain interest in the area. There is an abundance of information about university courses online on the web.

These examples are just a few of the many out there. As said before, go on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and do a little exploring. There are a number of companies willing to help you get an online degree.

Once you’ve invested in a four year degree, progressing further via traditional on campus oronline university programs to an advanced degree also requires additional funding. Finding out what free scholarships and grants is available is going to help get that degree.


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