Textile Engineering Is A Little Known Field With Huge Appeal


I am sure you have all heard of civil engineering, computer engineering, and chemical engineering. But have you heard of textile engineering? Yes, there are actually engineers who specialize in the making of the clothes that you wear every day. These are textile engineers.

Textile engineering by definition is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the production of fiber, textile, apparel, and their corresponding machinery. They include both natural and manufactured materials. They also learn plant safety and health, energy conservation, waste and pollution control. The discipline also involves studies in the chemical and physical properties of materials for application and development in the textile industry.

Textile engineers devise new techniques for manufacturing and discover new materials that may be readily used for clothing. Textile engineers are also involved in all phases of textile manufacturing including but not limited to, research and development, machine design, and manufacturing efficiency. There is actually a wide range of fields you can pick to apply your new found textile-making prowess. You can work in the military industry devising new body armor, which would be more effective than Kevlar. You can work in the sports industry creating new athletic gear that would suit athletes better in their respective sports. On the other hand, you can even work in the carpeting industry and perhaps develop a revolutionary type of carpet that would be resistant to stains. The possibilities are endless.

The textile industry is definitely an interesting field. You will be learning a lot from the fields of materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and management engineering. It is a multifaceted field, which will only continue to grow for as long as people need clothing. Moreover, with space as the final frontier and planetary travel become more and more of a reality, textile engineers will be more than needed as they will need to produce clothing suitable to the harsh conditions of space and the different conditions of other planets. Perhaps, clothing reminiscent of Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica would be the norm.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students entering engineering fields should have good employment opportunities for the next 10 years. Textile engineering graduates have had a 100% placement rate in the last 3 years. The median annual salary is $89,560 and the top 10% earned $135,680. Well, for as long as people wear clothes and the in thing is not to get naked, textile engineers would definitely have a job.

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