Online Civil Engineering Degree Programs


If you are someone who has always had the passion and interest in designing large scale construction projects like roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, and buildings, then you should seriously consider pursuing a career as a civil engineer. Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that is focused on designing structurally functional and sound structures. This is also considered as among the oldest types of engineering, so there is no doubting its necessity in a developing society. As a matter of fact, these days, more and more people are gaining interest in his field, which can be reflected in the growing number of students enrolling in online civil engineering degree programs.

Civil engineers are mainly responsible for managing projects as well as the people involved in them. They could either be the city engineer or perhaps one who oversees the entire process of construction. An online civil engineering degree program is such a diverse one also, having various areas of specialization under it as well. Students can choose among courses related to transportation, structural, environment, and construction engineering.

Online Civil Engineering Degree Options

Civil engineering is a field that requires a wide diversity of knowledge and expertise. Professionals in this industry must have really good understanding of the different types of structures, although of course they may choose one in particular as their specialization. Considering the importance of the role of a civil engineer in the development of a city or town, there is no surprise that one would need some high level of education to be able to have a career in this field.

There are core curriculum requirements to be considered when taking up this degree program, and aside from these, some of the other relevant courses would be technical computer, physics, math, and other high level science and math courses. The coursework for an online civil engineering degree is designed in a way that students can build a solid foundation in this kind of engineering. What’s more, the coursework trains them to be great analytical thinkers, problem solvers and communicator. These are the degree levels available for a civil engineering degree:

  • Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Doctorate Degree in Civil Engineering

If you can notice, civil engineering certification programs are not available for online education. But instead, those who are interested may take the certification program in computer-aided design, which also offers a great introduction on the basic principles of civil engineering.

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