Interesting and Worthwhile Jobs for Telecommunications Degree Majors



A telecommunications systems manager creates, alters, and keep track of the many different telecommunications systems. These systems are necessary for the quick collection and transmission of data as well as the creation of electronic gadgets that consumers may use on their own. As there is constant improvement in technologies and systems, it is a must that a telecommunications systems manager be up-to-date with the latest technology available.


Line installers are the ones in charge of installation of new lines, which can be done by initially constructing utility towers, poles, and also underground trenches that carry the cables and wires needed for the operation of televisions and telephones. Once the construction phase is completed, what line installers would do next is attach cables to towers, poles or other facilities. Aside from these duties, line installers also set up various services for customers, such as the installation of business or home network equipment. This type of job naturally involves a lot of physical labor plus some knowledge on telecom technology.


A customer service representative provide assistance to both existing and new telecoms customers with regards the many different facets of their accounts, like the installation, repair, billing, as well as choosing the proper telecoms services. A customer service specialist has to communicate with clients and customers in various ways, like perhaps in person, through email or written correspondence, by fax, or on the phone.


Computer software engineers need to have a background in computer science and engineering. Computer software engineers focus on the development of new and more efficient computer software technology. This type of technology and the systems are necessary to the growth and advancement of the field of telecommunications. These types of engineers need to be able to work in a fast paced work environment. They are the ones who not only build, but also design and maintain software programs that provide businesses and individual consumers with the best means to make full use of technological innovation.


Computer programmers are tasked to write, apply and test different instructions that should be followed by computers in order for them to work efficiently. Computer programmers should have a solid background in information systems and computer science. They are also responsible for developing solutions and also helping telecoms systems to work effectively with the understanding and proper use of many different programming languages.

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