A Guide To Degree Programs In Aviation Science


If you need a pilot’s license to be able to fly a plane, then you should consider earning a degree in aviation science. While it is true that the Federal Aviation Administration only requires any pilot to have a Commercial Pilot License, having some sort of formal education will certainly give you a deeper and broader knowledge of aeronautics. And with this, you will be qualified for some lucrative jobs in this sector.

Associate Degrees in Aviation Science

An associate degree program takes two academic years to complete and requires that applicants have a GED certificate or a high school diploma. These types of degree programs are normally used as a preparation for bachelor’s degree programs. In an associate degree program, students obtain foundational knowledge and general education on the maintenance and operations of flights, as well as air traffic control.

Those with an associate degree in aviation science can go for an entry-level job after graduation. But there are also those who earn this degree and then take a bachelor’s degree as a way to get better career opportunities.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Aviation Science

A bachelor’s degree in aviation science is a four year program that consists of more rigorous and in depth coursework. This degree program puts together academic coursework and flight training. With a bachelor’s degree in aviation science, you will be eligible to work as a flight instructor, commercial pilot, or a corporate pilot too.

There are two professional qualifications that will be given to those taking up a bachelor’s degree. One is a degree in science, and the other is a license for a commercial pilot. These are valuable in aiming to pursue a career not only as a pilot but also in a discipline not related to aviation. For instance, a lot of aviation science graduates use their skills in engineering and research settings.

Online Aviation Science Degree Programs

A lot of universities and accredited colleges are now taking advantage of technological advancements to offer their academic programs to more people. This is through online education. You will not have trouble looking for an accredited online school offering online aviation science or management degree programs. A big part of the coursework shall be conducted and completed on the internet with the right supervision or instruction of qualified teachers. There will also be opportunities for field work as part of the coursework. So there is virtually no problem when it comes to gaining the right experience for the job.

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