Effective Study Habits for Online Degree Students


Even though the economy and the job market in general may be experiencing something of a malaise, there really has never been a more fortuitous time to pursue an online college degree. Students are able to work full-time and raise a family while still working toward a long-held educational goal. For those who qualify, the possibility of obtaining a scholarship makes the deal even sweeter. Establishing good study habits will help students work toward their educational goals.

1. Chances are that you’ll have many different courses with homework for each of them, so investing in different-colored folders and notebooks is a good idea. Label each with the course’s name and your own name, of course. The papers inside each folder should be placed neatly in chronological order to make current projects easier to locate.

2. Set a time each day that you will devote to your studies, and if you’d like, work with a friend. Make sure that you don’t start talking instead of focusing on your schoolwork. Try to adhere to a “vow of silence” to ensure that you are giving enough attention to the material at hand.

3. Effective note-taking is extremely important as you pursue your online degree. Not only will it help you with your schoolwork, but it will carry through into the rest of your life, helping you to distil any topic to its most fundamental elements so that you may understand it completely.

4. Prudent study habits really take root while you are in the classroom, even if yours is a virtual one. If you don’t understand the material, you have every right to ask questions of the instructor. Despite the fact that your course is not in-person, your professor is there to help you with your goal of securing an online college degree. This is a course that you’ve paid for, so now is the time to ask the expert and get your money’s worth.

5. When friends come around to distract you, stand firm against this peer pressure. Let them know you’d be glad to hang out with them after you finish your schoolwork, and then follow through with it. If they are really your friends, they will certainly understand how important your online college education is to you, and they should be supportive of your efforts as well.

So as you pursue your online college degree, paying attention to your study habits can help you get what you want out of your education. Keeping focused on what really matters as you do your schoolwork can help you stay on track and away from distractions that may arise. Effective study habits will serve you well as you work toward your degree and all the way throughout life.

Ruth Willliams writes on a wide variety of subjects, including online colleges, financial aid, online degree programs, and career education.


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