Which Early Childhood Education Degree Programs Will Be Appropriate For Your Career Goal?


The courses to be taken up by an early childhood education major would be based on the degree they pursue, but the general courses required to be taken by students include theory application, child growth and development, and guidance. As for most employers, they prefer elementary school, kindergarten, preschool, and day care teachers who have either an associate degree or a certificate at least. But in the case of public school teachers, a bachelor’s degree is a must. For teachers who want to have better and more advanced positions, like a school administrator perhaps, a master’s degree or a PhD would be needed.

Online Early Childhood Education Degree Programs

More and more aspiring school administrators and teachers are now opting for online degree programs in early childhood education. The reason for this is the flexibility of the schedule offered in such programs. Thus, this is the perfect choice for those who can’t afford to quit their jobs as they pursue higher education. These online degree programs are offered in almost every level, even the PhD. What’s more, online degrees are now recognized by employers.

Associate Degrees and Certificates in Early Childhood Education

If you wish to enroll in an associate or certificate degree program in early childhood education, you will need to have obtained at least a high school diploma. These programs are short courses which deal with the basic principles of the profession. A certificate in early childhood education will be enough for you to have an entry-level job in daycare centers and other similar childcare facilities.

As associate degree program in early childhood education is an extensive program, much more than a certificate program. Upon completion of an associate degree course, you will have a variety of career options, and you are also qualified for career advancement. In most cases, teachers with an associate degree work as the lead teachers in preschool and daycare settings. Associate degree programs normally take two years to complete, and are generally available online and on-campus.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for those teachers who want to teach in public schools. Private schools may not necessarily require a teaching license, but a bachelor’s degree is also a must. This degree program requires only four years to finish, and this is also a basic requirement for entry-level jobs. Those with a bachelor’s degree are also qualified for career advancements.

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