What Does It Take To Be An Early Childhood Teacher?


Early childhood teachers are without a doubt one of the most important and influential people in the society. They are the ones who offer the care and teaching that can lead to the success of kids not only in their education, but in the life later on as well. With the right early childhood education degree program, one could perform his or her duties and responsibilities with full confidence. And in order to last in this profession, it is important that a teacher gets to enjoy the creativity, excitement, and even the challenges that come with teaching and handling young children.

To be an early childhood teacher, you can choose among these degree programs to study:

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (ECE)

Bachelor’s degree programs in early childhood education are usually full time on-campus degree programs, but there are some universities offering such courses online as well. Through these degree programs, you will graduate having a BA with an Early Childhood Studies major. This will also come with a specialized teaching qualification in early childhood.

Bachelor of Education Early Childhood

In many universities, the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood is an upgrade program that is designed to provide early childhood teachers the chance to take full advantage of the skills and knowledge that they acquired over their previous teaching and study programs. This is also a perfect option for those who already have a degree in teaching.

Graduate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

A Graduate Diploma of Teaching program is suitable for those applicants who have a primary qualification for teaching or an undergraduate degree in teaching early childhood education. There are also a lot of online schools offering this program, which is the perfect choice for current professionals who wish to further their knowledge and skills in teaching early childhood education.

Requirements for Admission to Teacher Training

In order to qualify for a teacher education and training program, an applicant will be evaluated and accepted by a group of teachers in this teaching profession. Throughout this process, the applicant would have to meet a particular set of qualifications and criteria. They are also required to make declarations about any previous health or disability problems and also criminal convictions. Applicants to such programs also have to be proficient in English, and should willingly and successfully participate in a certain assessment process and exercise. Take note also that the requirements for admission to any of the programs may vary from one university or school to another.

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