Tips On How To Be An Effective Teacher


The difference between a good teacher and an ordinary teacher is the ability to make the student not just learn the lessons but also apply them in life.  What makes a great teacher stand out is engaging the students no matter how uninteresting the subject matter is.  Teachers that have the passion and the never ending search for the appropriate teaching method that will be effective to the class are the ones that make learning as effective as it should be.

Top 3 Tips To Remember To Be An Effective Teacher

  • Positive Teaching Attitude Towards Students

An aura of a teacher is reflected if he or she is approachable or not.  If you are the one that possess a positive attitude, students do not only find you easy to go to but they can look forward to the classes with you.  When teachers openly show appreciation for good work and encourage students to never give up on their dreams, students will even see their teachers as mentors in their decisions in life.  So put on a positive attitude always no matter the situation to allow your students to also be optimistic in life. Always try to smile for your students.

  • Sense of Humor in Learning Methods

Students may see school as serious and may lack enthusiasm in the learning process.  Nevertheless, when you are a teacher with good sense of humor and injecting some humor in the class, students tend to learn more.  This can make the learning process more fun hence the higher the chance for the students to remember the lessons.  However, you do not have to overdo it as the students may be reminded of the joke but not the lesson.  Putting in some light atmosphere in the classroom makes everyone relaxed and open to learning.

  • Consistency and Fairness in the Classroom

Creating a pattern in the classroom may also make a teacher effective in transferring knowledge to students.  When teaching lessons, you should make your students understand the whole concept of teaching the subject matter in the way that you do.  The students in return know what you expect and they will do their part to complete the process.  Aside from this, you should also be fair to all students and not pick favorites in the classroom.  This will give a sense of fairness to everyone and both slow and fast learners know that they can approach you for anything they might need.

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