Teaching Salaries – How Much Do Teachers Get Paid


In order for you to see if the job is receiving enough compensation, you should have an overview of how much a career is paying.  This is one of the factors to consider if such path you are taking will be satisfying enough for you in terms of earning capacity.  Though in general not everything is based on how much you make but most especially in the job satisfaction but your income can also influence the lifestyle that you will have versus the lifestyle you want.  In the position of the teacher, the annual average income depends on the specific education level you are teaching.

The average annual income for an elementary school teacher is $40,209.  The elementary teacher is the one receiving the lowest income for a teacher.  For the Kindergarten or Preschool teacher the average yearly salary is $41,042.  Middle school teachers earn slightly higher compared to a kindergarten schoolteacher with an average of $41,936 annually.  High school teachers receive an annual income averaging at $43,603.

Special education teachers have higher incomes as they have taken further certifications to be able to handle special children.  Special Education Teacher in the kindergarten or preschool has the same annual average of the regular kindergarten and elementary school teacher at $41,042.  Middle school teachers for special education are receiving an annual salary at $42,387 while special education teachers teaching in secondary school is being paid annually on average at $44,158. All of these, are great teaching careers that you can aim for in your career path.

Teachers have the ability to increase their income when they take further education such as a master’s degree then a doctorate.  Other certifications like the special education also enhance a teacher’s skill. Moreover, land higher-paying teaching posts.  In addition, a teacher that is qualified not just in being certified but have the ability to engage their students can also land good teaching positions.  Teachers may further their earning capacity if they hold a school position that is in the top management as much as the school principal is.

The teaching job is seen to be one of the noble professions in society.  The future leaders of a country look up to teachers.  They are also the ones that encourage the students to be what they want to be when they in time grow up.  If you have the passion for teaching and being with the young generation, a teaching career is one of your options as a career to follow in the future.

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