Teaching Job Satisfaction – Do Teachers Like Their Jobs


Teachers are part of the growing up experience in any society.  They are the ones that are there ready to impart their knowledge to the young minds of a community.  The teaching staff takes in any student attitude just to make sure that the students are provided with as much education to be the best they can be.  It is a hard job not because you as a teacher can do so much but with little recognition. However, when you see students succeed in their lives you know that you have done your best to mold the future leaders.

In this regard, most teachers that have chosen this career path because of the passion for it are very much satisfied with their jobs.  Sometimes they can complain that the workload can be overwhelming especially in the preparation of lessons and the record keeping but it is part of the responsibilities.  What other teachers find frustrating can be getting the learning process get across the students.  It is about finding the right method in inculcating your lessons to the class.  That is why teachers always improve in their teaching style to get the message across.  After a hard day’s work, students may notice that great teachers tend to have a positive disposition not just in their jobs but also in their lives.

You can choose which age you can focus teaching on from the kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school.  You also need to complete a college degree in order to teach in any of the school levels and pass the licensure exam that may vary in every state.  As long as you have the patience with the young people and the passion to teach them in the subject that you are good at then you will get high job satisfaction.  This is more evident when you see your students not just doing well in your class but when they have learned much from your teaching.

In conclusion, teachers are contented in their jobs not just because of a good paying position.  It is about having the impact to mold the young ones into the best that they can be.  It is a tough and challenging responsibility as oftentimes teachers can be deemed as second parents to the students.  But when you have seen the students grow up to be successful especially the ones that you taught when they were still young, you will realize that you have done your part.  Teaching is one humbling job but one of the few that is seen to have a high satisfaction rating.

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