Teaching Careers – Are Teachers In Demand?


One of the uncertainties in taking a college degree is the number of job opportunities that you can avail by the time you graduate.  Most aspiring professionals tend to work and study at the same time to combat the economic crisis that still looms today.  But when it comes to the teaching position, it is a job that is in constant demand.  In the US, the demand for teachers especially the K-12 levels is still in the rise.  Certain states that have teacher shortage are doing their best to encourage young ones to pursue a teaching career.

The top ten states that have the lowest supply of teachers are Wichita, Kansas, Georgia, St. Louis, Missouri, Blane County School District, Idaho, Fall River District, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, Yuma, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you plan to reside in any of these states, one of your options of pursuing a college degree is that of a teacher.  It is seen that there is always a teaching post you can fill in even more so if teaching is a career your passion.  It is found out that a certain percentage of the teachers are not fully certified hence, the demand for highly qualified ones is on the high.

Teachers are one of the careers that earn on an average of $40,209.00 annually.  For the ones just starting out in the professional world, that income is good enough.  Aside from the salary, teachers have a high satisfaction rate.  Many teachers that have remained in their position and are very much qualified in their jobs for a long time, are quite satisfied in their careers.  Teachers that are teaching between K-12 levels remain young and live an ordinary life but are influential in the growth of the students.  Great teachers are easily remembered by their students are even seen as mentors to their learning.

If you are someone, who loves to be around kids and has a passion to teach them, being a teacher could be the right career for you.  It may not pay as high as other professionals may but the job satisfaction in this position is high.  Sometimes when you are out in the world, the best job is not about which is paying you more but it is in where you feel greatly contended.  So pursue this degree and live a good life in the future as a teacher.

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