Effective Ways Of Teaching A Class


Each student learns in a different way. Learning styles and learning capabilities differ from one person to another. Each has his own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to certain subjects in school. This is where the role of teachers is very important in imparting knowledge to students. Teaching a lesson is simply not enough; a teacher has to plan on what the best approach to teaching is. Again, not every student will cope the same way so a teacher should learn to choose the best teaching approaches.

Effective teaching only happens when the student understands the subject matter or topic. Actually, many students do not understand the lecture and just chooses to keep silent about it in fear of embarrassment. As a teacher, you should consider the timid students as well. When preparing for a lecture, choose the best approach on teaching a certain subject matter. Not every topic you will teach will be understood using only one teaching method.

What are some of the most effective ways of teaching in class?

  • Audio Learning- Audio learning is about learning through listening. There are students who understand the topic more by listening to audio files or songs. For kids, audio learning is quite effective, as they tend to memorize the catchy tunes of the songs and easily understand the message.
  • Visual Learning- Visual learning is about learning through viewing. There are students who learn more when they see the whole picture. This is one of the most effective ways to teach. You can use pictures, videos and visual presentation to help your students relate to the topic more. Processes are better explained through visuals.
  • Related Learning-One of the most effective ways in teaching students is through related learning. This is teaching through giving real-life examples where students can relate to. You can give your own experiences about a certain topic and how you overcome the difficulty of understanding it. There is a high chance that each student can relate to what you are saying and will better understand the topic.
  • Learning by Doing-There are students who learn easily through doing. This is why allowing students to do experiments is necessary. It is hard to learn about a chemical process through a lecture alone. But if the students see the actual process by doing it, they will have a better understanding of it.

Teachers should always use the most effective ways in teaching for successful learning. Earning a degree in teaching will help you learn about the different ways to teach and the best approaches to certain subject matters.

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