Do’s and Don’ts Of Being A Teacher


The teaching position is at best a noble one. It is one of the careers that one can pursue and be part of molding the future leaders of a country. In addition, a good paying job can somehow provide a simple life to the family of the teacher. For most teachers, they find the work at times overwhelming but in the end, they can still say that it is all worth it. But then in any job there are certain things that a teacher can and cannot do. This position is highly critical as it deals with the young ones that can be influenced in one way or another by a teacher. To make sure that only the good attitude is reflected and followed by the pupils.

What To Do

Prepare your lesson plans properly. Any subject matter has to be prepared in a detailed manner. It is about getting your lessons be learned by the students effectively.

Use a teaching method where learning is higher. In making the lessons learned by students as quickly as possible, you should use a teaching style that can work for everyone. Moreover, inject in some humor or fun activities to make learning easy to recall. It is seen that when a student had fun in learning the better it is for them to remember.

Be a teacher inside and outside the classroom. The students should see a teacher as a role model. Teachers should wear appropriate clothes inside and outside the school and behave properly at all times. Integrity is one attitude that a teacher must possess in order to have the credibility to be in front of the class.

What Not To Do

Avoid inconsistency with the students. Teachers should not be haphazard in their teaching methods so as not to confuse the students. In addition, it is not good to show favorites in the classroom as this can discourage other students to learn. Practicing consistency and fairness in the classroom shows that a teacher is open to all students and allows them to partake in the classroom activities.

Threatening or showing anger. Teachers at all times should stay as calm as possible in whatever situation they may find themselves in the school. Being flexible will allow the teachers to adapt to these situations especially the negative ones. It is best that teachers know what they are getting themselves into especially when they teach the younger generation.

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