Are Teaching Degrees Available Online?


Online schools are expanding their offerings on the different degrees that can be taken from the comfort of the home.  Popularity of online education has increased not just because of the convenience it provides but also saving in different aspects when getting a college degree.  There is no need for moving across the country or simply traveling to the campus from the house or from the workplace.  You can learn at your own time and set the pace for completing the given tasks.  Among the top online courses that can be pursued is the education degree.

Aspiring teachers can now have the flexibility to earn a certification up to a doctorate program through distance learning.  Many online universities present their education programs to those that want to become teachers in the future.  Just like the traditional schooling, the same amount of time is set to fulfill the education degree.  Education programs range from 6 months up to four years to finish depending on the chosen course to follow.

  • Online education certification takes 6 months to 1 year
  • online associate’s degree in education can be realized in two years
  • bachelor’s degree in online education needs four years
  • Master’s degree in online education also require 2 years
  • while the doctorate degree can be done within two to five years

With this, you can now have more options when choosing the right school.  You are not limited on what is available in your place as you get access to top universities in the country to pursue an education degree.  But do take caution in selecting an online school to earn.  To ensure that the online education degree is valid, check if it is accredited.  Accredited education gives assurance that the program you are obtaining will be credited.  This means that you can take the degree as part of the credentials when applying for a job.

Another thing to look into is knowing how you can achieve the practice teaching program as part of the curriculum of an education degree.  The practicum is essential for any student that desires to have a teaching career.  Inquire from the various top online schools that have coordinated with the local schools in your area for the practical teaching.  You would not want to be in a situation later on that the education degree could not be accomplished because of the lack of the practicum.  Online schooling is convenient and flexible but you should also put in some effort to avail the best suited for you.

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