Criminal Justice Degrees And Possible Career Paths


Do you reminisce about playing cops and robbers when you were a kid? Ponder the stimulation of watching CSI or the rush you feel when you solve the case on Law and Order SVU several minutes before the end of the TV show.

Increasingly since 9/11 the news media has asked the question what can private citizens do to assist to safeguard their country and closer to home. With so many able men and women in our military overseas and in the reserves preparing to go with a moment’s notice, there is an unmistakable hole in the law enforcement arena.

Criminology degrees online are the path to a surfeit of careers; criminal justice, forensic science, law enforcement, corrections, and homeland securities are only a small number of the specialties, but here is a list of a few of the actual professions that are obtainable by pursuing a criminal justice degree:

Attorney Bailiff Border Patrol Agent CIA Agent Corrections Officer Court Reporter Crime Scene Technician Criminal Investigator Detective FBI Special Agent Police Officer Postal Service Investigator Private Investigator Probation … Parole Officer Secret Service Agent Sheriff US Marshall Prison Warden

With so many choices, Criminal Justice degrees offer an assortment of opportunities to further your career or start an entirely new one. No matter if your interest lies in the court room or walking a beat, investigating mail fraud, perhaps chasing a criminal or even protecting the President, a Criminal Justice degree is the yellow brick road to push you toward your career ambitions.

In the same way as with other accredited online degree programs you can study at your own pace while maintaining your day job. So whether you always daydreamed of catching the bad guys or just now got the thought to help on the home front after 9/11, a distance learning degree in Criminal Justice may be your defense from boredom and your relief from a dead end job.

Ellen Freeman is a popular contributor to where you will find more information about accredited online criminology degrees programs, elearning resources, careers and more. If you are planning to enter law enforcement, criminology degrees are popularly a necessity.

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