Convenience And Real Life Flexibility Are Hallmarks Of Online College!


Every year more college students are choosing to skip class in the lecture hall and log on to their computer instead. Colleges have taken notice of the trend and they are embracing it by offering not only online undergraduate courses, but graduate and masters programs as well. As distance learning college classes and degrees become more mainstream, they are getting good reviews and students are demanding even more options.

In the fall of 2008, 4.6 million students took online courses. That translates into a quarter of every college student taking at least one course online, a 17% increase from the year before. And these online learners want more choices. A study by the Sloan Consortium on online learning found 73% of students want their colleges and universities to offer more online programs. If you need more information about online master degree program, look on the internet.

What attracts students to online learning? Convenience. The student calls the shots. The student determines what time a class fits their schedule. Then when they are ready, they view the lecture, complete an assignment or take a test, all over the internet. They don’t even have to leave home. Online courses are ideal for a student who as to work to pay for school, for busy parents or professionals looking to add a degree. The online student does not have to rearrange their work schedule or their family time.

Because undergraduate online programs have been so successful, more college and universities are now also offering graduate and masters programs online. The Department of Education recognizes over 1,300 online masters programs and 320 doctoral programs. The same flexibility applies to these courses. Graduate students can download lectures, complete assignments and take exams on the Internet at a time that fits their schedule.

The Sloan Consortium reports 65% of all schools that offer online programs also have online graduate courses. Of these institutions, 44% also offer online masters programs. For example there are masters programs for business, nursing and education. Many of these courses have the same curriculum as the on campus counterparts and award the same type of degree. In the past, professionals who wanted to attend graduate school had to take night classes or change their work schedule. There is an abundance of information about degree programs online on the web.

Online learning has changed that. Students don’t have to rearrange their lives or those of their family to improve their education. Online courses may also be less expensive than traditional classes, since students can pay for one class at a time. That way a graduate student can take as many or as few courses as they can afford.

Once they get their degree, online masters are going over well with employers. A study by the Sloan Consortium found an increasing number of chief executive officers and educational institutions rated online learning just as effective as or better than a traditional education.

Distance learning programs allow work and study in a way not available before, allowing a student get a masters degree online while doing any field work needed.

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