What Jobs Are Waiting For You After You Earn A Degree In Systems Security?


By earning a degree in systems security, you will instantly be considered as a very important member of the community especially when it comes to protecting personal information on computers as well as maintaining the security of computer-based processes and transaction. With the continuous growth and advancements in computer technology, it is not surprising that systems security graduates have some very challenging yet lucrative career options ahead of them.


Anyone with this job title is expected to supervise the information systems being utilized by a certain organization. Typically, management information systems directors are responsible for choosing and managing the upgrade or installation of any software, supervising a technical support team, as well as ensuring the protection of all the information of the organization. Most of the time, these professionals handle a group of information systems technicians, and they also usually report directly to the chief information officer.


Computer programmers are the ones who are qualified to write, apply, and test a variety of instructions that computers should follow in order for them to function properly. They should also look for the right solutions for any trouble that may cause the computers to work ineffectively and improperly. A computer programmer has to have a solid background in information systems and computer science.

As a computer programmer, it would be essential that you continue to acquire and develop your skills and capabilities. This is especially because of the never ending changes and improvements we see in the field of computer technology.


A computer system analyst is someone who is expected to solve various computer problems as well as make sure that such technology will be suitable to the needs of the organization. In addition, these professionals help with the organization’s decision making on what computer technology, equipment, and personnel to invest in. More often than not, computer systems analysts choose to specialize in a particular system, such as engineering, scientific accounting, financial, or business systems.


Computer support specialists provide assistance, support and advice to clients and customers who are experiencing any type of computer related troubles. As a computer support expert, you should be excellent at interpreting different kinds of computer problems, and you should also be good at finding technical solutions for any systems, software and hardware. You will be offering such assistance possibly over the phone, or you can become a contractor for a support services agency.

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