What Do Website Developers Do Exactly?


A couple of years ago, it only took some knowledge in computer and HTML to be considered a web developer. The reason for this is the fact that very few people had a better background and training for the job. But things have drastically changed already, and web development has undergone so many changes overtime. Today, website development is a profession that has high standards and skills requirements. Here are some of the most significant tasks that web developers should be experts at:

1. Web developers create websites and systems on the web for certain individuals or organizations. It is possible for the websites to be mere information sites. However, it is important that these sites be according to web information systems that include design, analysis, as well as authoring. These could be achieved through basic computer skills, multimedia expertise, familiarity with databases and computer programming.

2. A web developer may work as free-lancers or as part of a company. It is very common for companies to work with private consultants for the creation of their websites. These web developers are also responsible for maintaining and updating the website on a regular basis.

3. In designing or creating a website from the beginning, a web developer has to collect data in order to figure out what the clients’ needs really are. They would then turn such information into technical and functional specs for a website. This would entail choosing programming languages as well as writing the code. They may also recommend what web software and hardware to use, assess web technologies, and even create standards for the website.

4. Once the needs of the company or client have been identified, the web developer should produce a storyboard that will help the site owner to understand and visualize what the website would be like. A storyboard is a collection of sketches which simulates the transition between web pages. This will show how the website user or visitor would explore the site. This is also important in checking how logical the flow of the web pages will be. Once the storyboard has been approved, the creation of the website itself can start.

5. As there are so many applications and computer programs that are created, it is important for a web developer to stay updated with the latest versions of various publishing and website tools. They need to know which programs or applications will suit and be effective with a certain system.

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