What Are the Career Options for Web Development Degree Holders?


There is no question to the fact that web technology is a significant aspect of almost any industry. The importance of web technology has then resulted to the greater demand for skilled web specialists like web developers. By earning a degree in web development, you will have a wide array of options in terms of the careers you may want to pursue.


Typically, a web administrator is a member of the executive team that has control of the general production, maintenance, as well as upkeep of a certain organization’s website. This is also a kind of job that is needed by bigger companies. As a web administrator, you will be responsible for overseeing the people who are in charge of the day-to-day workings of the website itself. Needless to say, this position requires expertise and deep knowledge of web technology, but web administrators also need to have leadership and management skills.


Web designers focus mainly on the practicality and the appearance of the website and the web pages. They need to be good at visual communication and they also have to have the skills to utilize web applications for the creation of graphics and text. While it is true that software program can help just anybody come up with a web page or a website, only professional web designers can make attractive, useful and effective websites.


Webmasters are in charge of the quality, style, and even the content of the website. They need to develop and implement the standards and style to make sure that the site remains not only attractive but also easy to navigate. They may also work with graphic artists, system administrators, and web page designers to ensure the consistency in the website creation process.


Web programmers are the ones who turn the site storyboard into HTML. The hypertext markup language or HTML is a type of programming that actually makes web page codes become visual pages. This job of a web programmer may also include choosing styles, layouts, and even inserting images. It is also the duty of a programmer to test the web pages to make sure that the different aspects of the pages are working properly.


Web server developers primarily analyze, develop and even maintain the entire web system structure. This job is more on the technical side of web system, and so web developers have to know the various applications that can be used to give the best performance and efficiency to the organization’s website.

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