Unusual but Very Interesting Job Opportunities for Computer Science Majors


For those pursuing a computer science degree, not so many problems may come their way as they try to look for jobs. The reason for this is the fact that there are a plethora of career options available to individuals who are highly skilled in working with computers. Many computer science graduates are found working as database administrators, systems analysts, or computer scientists either in academic or research facilities.

System Analyst

Computer science majors who opt to specialize in systems analysis are expected to be good at solving computer problems and also identifying which computer technologies will be best suited for organizations or companies. The computer science professionals are generally considered an integral part of the success of any organization as they help companies realize their goals through implementing the right computer technologies and systems.

In terms of employment, there are various work settings that systems analysts can work in. There will be spots for them in insurance companies, research organizations, universities, computer makers, and even government agencies. A lot of systems analysts work as contractual workers having 2 months to 2 years in their employment contracts.

The salary of systems analysts is around $73,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Database Administrator

There seems to be no stopping the growth of internet businesses these days. This is mainly owing to the fact that the internet is also consistently growing and improving. Internet businesses obtain huge amounts of data, and so there is always a need to keep and organize such information efficiently. This is what database administrators are trained to do.

Database administrators work alongside database systems managers. They first look into the various database systems and then try to figure out what method of management will be suitable for the entire system. Another aspect of computer systems that require the expertise of database administrators is security.

The BLS reports that database administrators receive an average annual salary of $67,200 back in 2007.

Computer Scientist

As a computer scientist, you will design and develop computer software and hardware, which will enhance the ways individuals and businesses make use of computers. Computer scientists are regarded as researchers, theorists, and inventors. Thus, they are expected to have extremely great deep knowledge in computer systems.

Computer scientists can work in the academe or any other research institutes. Many government agencies are also in need of the expertise of computer scientists especially in the research and security departments. According to the BLS, computer scientists can earn an annual salary of $97,900 on average.

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