Important Details You Should Know about Online Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design and Multimedia


If you love spending time in front of the computer creating websites, then you may as well take your passion into a higher level by getting an online degree in web design and multimedia. There are several skills and concepts that you will learn through this program, such as the different forms of digital art, typography, and usability and interface design. As a student, you will be able to refine your drawing skills and you will also learn how to create storyboards and even write scripts. These skills can be developed by experimenting with page layouts using color, text, video and audio for the creation of attractive websites.

Program Requirements and Information

Depending on the school, online degree programs in web design and multimedia can be offered as a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. When it comes to the number of classes that students are required to take to complete such online programs, a minimum of 132 credit hours and a maximum of 180 credit hours are to be taken by the students. The course content may be provided through textbooks, web based lectures, online discussions, and even multimedia presentations. What’s good is that these online bachelor’s programs do not require students to attend campus-based classes.

In order to be accepted to this online degree program, there are some minimum system requirements that must be met by applicants. For instance, a reliable internet connection is necessary to enter this program. There are also certain software programs that students have to own, such as Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. As for the required hardware, students must have a CD burner, color scanner, color printer, and a digital camera.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

By earning a bachelor’s degree in web design and multimedia, students become qualified for jobs as animation, graphics, visual, and web designers. Should they acquire more training and work experience, they may even take on positions like producers, creative directors, and even art directors.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of graphic design will experience tough competition in the next decade. As a result, only a 13% growth of employment is expected in this area. More opportunities are expected to be available for those people who have training and experience in website and animation design. What this means is that by getting more training and broadening your knowledge and skill set in this field, you are more likely to find a lucrative job in the end.

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