Everything You Need To Know About Working As A Graphic Designer


Graphic designers are considered as the bridge between companies or organizations and their target market or audience. It is their main job to look for the best ways for the company to communicate their message to the public. They do this through designing layouts via websites, print, and any other forms of media. Aside from this, graphic designers are visionaries and problem solvers as well. If you are naturally creative and can effectively transform an idea into reality, then you are very likely to succeed in this field.


In most cases, graphic designers who are employed in bigger companies like magazines, newspapers, and design firms have a regular work schedule, and that is 40 hours in a week. Nevertheless, there are those who opt to work as freelancers or perhaps run their own agency. In such cases, they can work just when the clients need them. This means that they are likely to work on weekends and even holidays in order to meet deadlines.

In this kind of work, you would need to prepare yourself to spend a lot of your time using the computer. This means that you should be ready to overcome all of the challenges that come with sitting most of the time as well as the lack of social interaction.


The most common employers of graphic designers are design firms, advertisers, and publishers. But there is also a huge demand for their services in consulting, management, and engineering firms. The BLS revealed that the need for the services of graphic designers is about to increase significantly because of the popularity and increased significance of interactive media, particularly smart phones and video games.


A bachelor’s degree is required to become a graphic designer. But there are also a couple of entry-level jobs that would require one to have at least an associate degree. For those who have a bachelor’s degree in a different field, there is a certificate program in graphics design they can take. Certificate programs typically require 2 to 3 years of study, which provides students the training they need for the job.


A graphic designer must first meet with his or her art director or clients to figure out what the important aspects of the project are. There are times also when graphic designers need to conduct a research of the target audience. They do this so that they would know what could appeal to the market, which would then be the focus of the company’s advertising and promotion strategies and programs.

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