Clayton College Closes Its Doors


After 30 years, the Clayton College of Natural Health is closing their doors. The college is blaming this on economic recession. This closing must be devastating to its students.

The Natural Healing College is offering its hand to the many students of Clayton College of Natural Health so they can continue their education. You will find that the Natural Healing College’s tuition is less expensive than other alternative medicine college.

If you are interested in getting a degree in the field of alternative medicine you can attend an online college and they are all equally successful. One of the best online distance education schools in the alternative medicine field is the Natural Healing College. This college is a sound long standing school.

At the Natural Healing College you can take all of your tests and assignments on line with instant results rather than mail them in which makes your tuition lower. At the Natural Healing College the courses are more advanced than courses at other colleges and the Natural Healing College charges less for these advanced courses.

Holistic internship courses are also provided at the Natural Healing College which can be used after pursuing a graduation. Hands on experience will be offered to the students as they will be provided with the chances of working with master herbalists and medical practitioners. In addition to all these wonderful facilities, this college also assists their students to find the perfect job for them. They also help their students to start their own practice. They provide supports in various fields such as marketing, consulting in business, suppliers, getting recommendation letters from the appropriate persons etc.

At the Natural Healing College, different varieties of courses are offered including the Doctorate of Holistic Health, Master of Holistic Science, Ayurveda Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist. The study materials ordered at the Natural Healing College will be shipped in the same business day in most cases. Proper support can be gained from a Natural Healing College Holistic Education Counselor who will answer all the questions of the students regarding the courses they attend.

The Natural Healing College is opening their doors wide open to the Clayton College of Natural Health students so they can continue their education. For added info about NHC and their exceptional Alternative Medicine programs please visit them at

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