What Opportunities Will I Have With An MBA In International Business?


For those who are into business, one area that has become really interesting to explore is global or international business. This is primarily because of the popularity and significance of doing business in the global arena. If you have an intensive background in business or may have even earned a degree in business, you can certainly apply everything you have learned to how you will run your own business. But if you are looking to expand and would like to engage in international business, an MBA in international business would benefit you.

An Overview of International Business MBA

Students who are interested in studying at the master’s degree level can easily find a school offering an IMBA or international MBA program. There has been an increase in the popularity of these programs as businesses, companies and even federal governments continue to seek employees who are deeply familiar with the current global trends in business and marketing.

Through an MBA in international business program, students are trained to develop business competencies, their cultural skills, and some other skills necessary to conduct business in the global market. There are IMBA programs that may even require students to study abroad, which is a perfect opportunity for them to learn more about the culture and trends in a particular country. If this is something that you would particularly want to experience, you can check the school’s website to see if they have affiliations with schools abroad or perhaps they have their own campuses overseas.

Once you have chosen a certain IMBA program, you will find that there are a couple of areas you may choose from. Included in your options are the culture and language of a certain country, such as German, Japanese, Chinese and American business. The American language class is aimed for those students who want to do business or work in a non English speaking country.

Aside from language and culture, these master’s degree programs will also include other very important courses, such as international corporate finance, international business management, international marketing management, and international trade.

Potential Career of IMBA Graduates

Aside from international companies competing in the global marketplace, including chain restaurants and airlines, graduates of international business MBA programs are also eligible for positions in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, as well as banking. There are available positions for them also within international firms in the hospitality and travel industries.

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