What Exactly Does An Office Manager Do?


An office manager is generally the one who supervises the front offices businesses, institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and the like. Office managers play an important role in running an organization effectively and efficiently through greeting the public, managing space, the supplies, as well as the employees in the organization.

Job Description

The main responsibility of an office manager is to oversee the performance of the employees and also to perform important administrative tasks. These would include pricing, billing, and even the payroll. The scope of responsibility of office managers may vary depending on the size of the organization or office. Those who are employed in smaller offices often have more and bigger responsibilities, including performing staff assessments and ordering supplies and materials. On the other hand, those who work in bigger offices are in charge of bigger tasks, like implementing policies as well as hiring new personnel.

The function of an office manager can be closely tied to the business of the organization as a whole. For instance, sales office managers may need to monitor invoices, make arrangement for office deliveries, and even maintain computer systems. There are managers in law firms or lawyers’ offices also that may perform some tasks related to law, such as record management and research.

Education Requirements for Office Managers

The majority of employers prefer to get office managers with broad experience in office management. It is also very common for companies to choose amongst their administrative staff to make sure that the potential office manager will be very familiar with the office and organization already.

There isn’t any specific level of education required from an aspiring office manager. However, those applicants who have completed some coursework in office management are highly preferred by employers. There are various programs and training courses in office management that are offered in many technical schools and community colleges. Also, there are online courses in office management these days available to newcomers and those who are seeking promotion.

Certificate programs in office management would typically include classes in records management, office supervision, and desktop publishing. On the other hand, an associate’s degree program can provide students with additional training in such subjects as finance, accounting, and transcription.

Employment Outlook

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for office managers in stable. There is a projected increase of 11 % in employment for these managers through the year 2018.

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