Things To Consider Before Choosing A Degree In Fashion Merchandising


There is no doubt that the fashion industry is among the most competitive ones out there today. It is therefore safe to say that having a career related to fashion is also one of the most challenging ones to succeed in. The same is true for fashion merchandising. While this field demands so much from whoever engages in it, the benefits and the payout can be really rewarding. Here are some of the most important things you need to think about before applying for a degree program in fashion merchandising.


There are a wide variety of positions or jobs available for fashion merchandising graduates. Such positions actually differ according to what duties may be necessary as well as where the jobs are offered. Head buyers and assistants, for instance, can work for bigger stores and work with marketing executives to talk about what and also how many items should be bought for stock. The other positions in fashion merchandising would be in relation to operation management, product coordinating, and market research.


The most common places where you would find a fashion merchandiser would be apparel manufacturers and business of all scales. Fashion merchandisers may also find jobs which entails merchandising skills, such as in newspapers, ad agencies, fashion design studios, and fashion magazines. In short, wherever you can find anything related to fashion, fashion merchandisers will be present.


Fashion merchandising is not a new course, which makes it a rather common degree program being offered in various colleges and universities. These days, you may even try to earn this degree through online education. Typically, the basic programs for fashion merchandising are the associate and certificate levels. But if you are aiming to get an entry-level job in fashion merchandising, it is vital that you get at least a bachelor’s degree. For those who are aspiring to hold higher positions, there are advanced courses available, such as a master’s degree in fashion merchandising.


The salary that fashion merchandisers can expect to receive will vary greatly according to the position title, the experience of the merchandiser, and of course the employer. Back in 2009, it was reported that entry-level fashion merchandise assistants earned somewhere between $40,000 and $51,000 a year. This is a huge starting salary especially for those who do not have enough work experience yet. And as you gain more experience or education, you can look forward to much bigger salaries.

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