Job Satisfaction For Business Administration Graduates


Choosing the right course or degree program to take in college is a very important and crucial process since your college education will greatly affect your career path later on. That is why students are advised to think many times and analyze their options in order to know the best degree program that match their needs, interests, and capabilities. Business administration is one of the most common and popular degrees offered in various colleges, universities, and even in many online schools today.

Many students take business administration because of the wide application of this discipline. Business administration graduates have wide arrays of career options and opportunities to choose from since their course are needed in so many areas and industries. Entry-level or new graduates of business administration can easily qualify for various entry-level jobs in accounting, marketing, business administration, sales, corporate, human resources, and even in the medical field. People who have earned higher degree program in business administration can have great career opportunities and better salaries.

Job satisfactions are definitely great since business administration graduates are in demand and needed in various organizations and industries from local and small areas to large and major corporations. Business administration graduates can work for government organizations, nonprofit organizations, and private companies and businesses in various industries. Graduates who have taken certain subjects or courses in the health and medical field can also apply for various positions in the medical and health institutions to manage finances, and handle business operations. Business administration graduates majoring in accounting can also work for various companies for financial planning, analysis, auditing, and cash management.

Since business administration is a very broad field of study, students can choose from many sub-specialties or specializations under this field. Depending on their specialization, business administration graduates can find work and job opportunities in so many fields as bankers, consultants, administrative executives, public relation specialists, managers, and human resource managers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business administration specialists earn an average income of $72,270 annually based on the 2008 data. Highest earners with a degree in business administration earn annual income of $110,000 up to $130,000. With the economic crisis affecting the countries around the globe, more business administration and accounting experts will be needed compared to the fear that there will be less demands for these kinds of jobs. According to BLS, the employment level and demands for business administration graduates and experts is expected to grow by 22% from 2008 until the year 2018.

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