How Long Does it Take To Finish A Degree On Business Administration


Finishing college is something that is of importance to many of us. After some years of studying, you can finally start your career and earn money for yourself. After all, we are all bound to work for at least 30 years of our lives. It is at these times that people earn money for their family and secure the future of their children. This is the time where employees need to be promoted and have salary raises. Career advancement can only be possible with higher degrees and years of work experience.

In order to plan for college study and career, it is a must that you know the time you will need to allot for studying. The time duration will depend on what type of degree you plan to take. An associate degree for full-time students will only take 15-18 months to complete. If you plan to study part-time, you can complete it within 2 years. An associate degree will allow you to apply for jobs already but there is very little chance of career advancement.

If you want to guarantee yourself a stable job, you should complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The typical time frame for a bachelor’s degree is 4 years for full-time students. Those who study part-time might be able to finish it in 5 years. The training you will get from a bachelor’s degree program is essential in the workplace. This degree is actually the minimum requirement for most companies and organizations.

Now, if you really want your career to advance, you must enroll in a master’s program. This is where you can choose your specialization. Employers place high value in a master’s degree and holding such a degree often results to a promotion or a raise in salary. The time to complete a master’s degree in business administration will take 2 years for a full-time student. However, most master’s degree students are working at the same time. For part-time students, it will take 3-4 years to complete. In addition, students have the option to pursue an accelerated master’s degree program, which will only take 18 months or even less. Only students who study full-time will benefit from an accelerated master’s program.

Now that you know the time frame to be allotted for your studying years, you can make a plan for your career already. What degree will you pursue? Will you be a full-time or part-time student? Plan your career ahead so you will know what objectives to achieve.

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