Finance Degree Programs – What You Need To Know


Just like any college degree program, the coursework will provide a student with the necessary knowledge and skill to prepare them for the working world. With the numerous career opportunities ahead for a finance graduate, preparation is a key to landing the perfect job. So, what do you need to know about finance degree programs?

3 different types of finance degree programs available

  • You can get an associate degree, which will only take 2 years to complete.
  • The bachelor’s degree will take 4 years.
  • The master’s degree will take 2 years while the doctorate degree will take 4-6 years to complete.

The most basic requirement to work in the field of finance is a bachelor’s degree. Some master’s program will require you to have at least 2 years work experience before being eligible to apply. Doctorate programs require a master’s program to qualify for application.

So, after you graduate, what are the careers in finance you can pursue?

  • One of the most popular jobs for finance majors are financial analysts. They play a very important role in the competitive economy today. A financial analyst’s job is to research the financial status of a company or organization. The research will include the financial status, risk tolerance, expenditures, investments and history. A financial analyst also makes recommendations on financial goals. Moreover, a financial analyst can specialize in credit analysis, budget analysis, investment analysis, money market analysis, rating analysis, risk analysis, tax analysis and treasury analysis.
  • Another job you can pursue is financial consultation. A financial consultant’s main role is to give advice on pricing, securities, business valuation, economic forecast, economy analysis, treasury management and shareholder value.
  • A finance manager directs the financial reporting, cash management strategies and investment activities of a company or organization. A finance manager directs the team towards the goal of managing the finances properly.
  • Money managers are the ones who hold stocks and bonds for clients. You should be proficient in quantitative methodology. If you want to become a money manager, experience in investment banks will help.
  • Financial planners help individuals regarding their financial future. To be a great financial planner, you should have interpersonal skills, as you will be dealing with clients directly. You should clearly understand taxes, investments, estate planning and the goals of your clients.

A finance degree is your ticket o landing one of these high paying jobs in a fast growing industry. Focus on finishing your degrees so you can get ahead in this field of work.

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