Finance Degree Graduates – Are They Satisfied With Their Careers?


When you were a student and making a decision on what career to pursue, you would think about the job outlook, demand and salary for the degree once you graduate. When you are already working, job satisfaction becomes one of your main concerns. Many people today are not satisfied with their jobs and they end up switching careers. Switching careers will be a huge setback, as you have to do the process all over again.

When talking about job satisfaction, you have to look deeper into your passion for your career. Before choosing a degree, ask yourself if this is what you want for the rest of your life. Will this job keep you motivated? Will this job present challenge to you and avoid job boredom? Companies do their best to motivate employees and make their job enjoyable but it will not be enough if you are not satisfied.

For those who are planning to take finance degrees and enter the world of finance, you will be glad to know that finance workers are highly satisfied with their jobs. According to a survey done by Hudson consultancy, finance executives have great job satisfaction compared to other workers. 34% of those people working in finance and accounting are said to be very satisfied with their salaries. 78% of the survey population is somewhat satisfied with their jobs.

Why is their job satisfaction in the field of finance? One of the reasons is that the overall workforce was treated to an increase in salary and is more likely to receive quarterly performance reviews. These reviews help employees get bonuses and a raise when the results are a success.

This survey showed that there are shifting compensation demands from employees which companies are having a hard time providing. This is because even if an employee earns a high salary, the reality of expensive health-care costs and commodities today is just causing a strain on a person’s finances. Moreover, many people are spending big money on intangible things today.

The economy is in a bad place right now but if you graduate with a finance degree, you have the opportunity to make more money than other degree graduates do. Aside from the payroll, you will have job satisfaction in what you are doing too. In the finance world, every day is a challenge and you should work with the company to make sure the finances are managed properly.

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