Earn A Degree In Financial Planning For A More Stable Career


While it is true that financial planning is important for any individual to do, it even gained more importance as a result of many corporate scandals and social security issues. In addition, people are now growing more and more aware of the need and importance of learning how to properly use their money now and in the future.

Financial analysts and financial planners are very important people as they are the ones who guide individuals and even businesses on how to make investments wisely. What they do is research and analyze the economy as well as the conditions of various industries. They will then come up with a recommendation to their clients with respect to how they would use their funds. Basically, a personal financial planner gives sound advice and recommendation to clients on how they should plan for their retirement, for their child’s education, and so on.

Employment Outlook for Financial Planners

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were some 170,000 financial planners in the US in 2006. But there has been a significant increase in this figure, and it is actually expected to grow even higher in the coming years. This is seen as a result of the public’s recognition of the importance of securing their future, especially the education of their children.

The popularity of financial planning has also led to the increase in the number of people becoming interested in earning a degree in this field. The good thing is that there are a lot of online certificate programs in financial planning offered these days. Such certificate programs aim to familiarize students with the basic principles of financial planning. By enrolling in an online degree program, students will get to learn about basic economics, saving, investment, statistics, and accounting.

Another great thing about taking up an online financial planning degree program is the fact that it prepares students to become a CFP or a certified financial planner. You can just imagine how convenient and favorable it would be for you to end up earning eligibility for a CFP exam without having to spend money and time going to a university. A lot of companies offering financial advice and planning also encourage their employees to increase their credentials and enhance their skills through online education as well.

What you will appreciate also about working as a financial planner is that you will have various options as to where you can be employed. Of course you can work in huge insurance and finance companies, or you may also work on your own by getting your own clients.

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