Discover How an Online Certificate in Entrepreneurship Can Help Enhance Your Business Skills


If you are planning to open and run your own business but haven’t got the educational background or experience in this endeavor, you may probably need to consider how you would prepare yourself for this undertaking. Running a business is not as easy as it may seem. It isn’t enough that you have the resources to build an enterprise. More importantly, you need some skills and familiarity with the different aspects of running a business. If you are not willing to commit to several years of study in business school, taking an online certificate program in entrepreneurship is a viable option.

There are a couple of online certificate programs in entrepreneurship that you can choose from – sustainable entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and leadership studies, technology entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship for a second career. Typically, the courses included take around 30 hours of online lectures, which are very interactive as well.

In general, online entrepreneurship certificate programs are divided into 4 to 8 individual modules. These programs may also be separated by class groupings. In these programs, it is a must that students do not miss any class meetings. Online entrepreneurship certificate program instructors also require students to come up with a viable business plan or venture, on which the coursework will also expound on. This would help students/business owners to be successful in these businesses later on.

Popular Courses in Online Entrepreneurship Certificate Programs

In this online certificate program, students are taught hands-on methods of determining business tools and strategies, which are vital in starting a business. Coursework basically includes the legal aspects of starting a business, operational strategies, financing and accounting skills, and business plan development. In particular, these are some of the most interesting courses included in an online entrepreneurship certificate program:

  • Entrepreneurial E-Tailing
  • Tax Documentation
  • Budgeting
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Employment Issues
  • Legal Forms of Business
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies

This program also teaches about the different concepts in marketing analysis and sales so that business owners can easily and effectively find the niche they want to focus on. Other important topics to be discussed in such courses are effective leadership strategies, hiring methods, and documentation for tax controls.

One of the best aspects of these online programs that will truly benefit students is that case-study simulations are used so that students may learn from other businessmen’s successes or failures. Through this also, students may base their own business plan and strategies.

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