A List of Interesting Economics Jobs Available to Bachelor’s Degree Holders


While economics is considered by many as a dismal science, it doesn’t mean that those graduating with this degree are about to have dismal careers. The truth is that economics majors can be highly compensated, well respected, and really famous. There are also a wide variety of jobs that economics majors can pursue. Here are some of the best industries where economists can build their careers.

Banking and Investment

If you are a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in economics, you should set your eyes on possibly the most lucrative jobs available to you, and that is in the industry of financial and investment services. The jobs included here are financial services sales agents, financial managers, and personal financial advisers. In  most cases, these jobs are focused on macroeconomics. In order to advance to higher positions, economists need to pursue higher education and additional certification and training.


State and federal governments are another major employers of economics graduates. Working for the government, economists spend most of their time analyzing the economy. They use the principles of both microeconomics and macroeconomics to give forecasts for the economy as well. It is also part of their job to look into various existing laws as well as proposed economic policies, along with the possible effects of such legislation.

Political Consulting

Working for elected government officials and political candidates is another lucrative and very interesting career path for economics majors. In reality, so many political candidates do not have much knowledge and background in the field of economics. This is the main reason why they need to employ economists to help them understand what the economic climate is, as well as what effects a certain policy will have in the economy. An economist can choose to work either as a freelancer or for a consulting firm. Whichever path they opt for, economists are expected to receive huge salaries in these fields.

Business and Manufacturing

We may think that company executives have the easiest jobs in the world. What we don’t realize is that they are the ones who need to consistently come up with the biggest and most important decisions regarding their company’s budget and investment. In making these choices, it is important that they have an understanding of what the state of the economy is to make sure that all the investment decisions they are going to make will produce positive results for the company.

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