What Career Can You Have With Online Craft And Fine Arts Degrees


Contemplating on becoming a professional artist but still does not know what career lies ahead for you is not unusual. Just like other fine arts students out there, you are taking a risk with this career. Since different people express themselves differently, one may not be able to communicate as effectively as the other. If this happens, there will be lack of communication between the artist and client which results to loss of income. Thus, it is really important that you make sure that this is a risk worth taking.

A craft or fine art artist who is confident with his talents and skills will have no problem in building a professional art career. Some people will discourage you saying that this career path will not bring you any money but this is totally not true. There are many types of fine arts. You have the freedom to choose which one to pursue and where you believe you can earn more money.

Fine Art Careers To Choose From

You can become a cartoonist. Working on cartoons does not mean you only work on cartoons for children; this career involves political cartoons, sports cartoons, comics and advertising comics. Most cartoonists have a good sense of humor, are comical and have dramatic talents.

Art DegreeYou can become a ceramic artist. With this career, you will be shaping, forming and molding clay to create artworks. You will learn how to use a potter’s wheel as well as other tools to help in creating clay art.

You can become a fiber artist. If you love working with fibers then this is the career for you. You will work with threads, fabrics and yarns to create artworks. Techniques involved here are crocheting, knitting, sewing, weaving and designing textile art. You will learn to use looms, needles and sewing machines to create your beautiful handicrafts.

You can become a painter. As a painter, you have the freedom to visually express your ideas. You can paint portraits and landscapes and choose from a million of subjects. You can choose to focus on abstract or realistic paintings. Painters usually use different mediums to paint like water colors, charcoal, acrylics and oil paints.

You can become a furniture artist. If woodworking is your thing, you are getting the right degree. Furniture artists are able to sand, cut, join and finish wood. Furniture artists create handcrafted woodworks from tables, chairs to beds.

You can become an illustrator. An illustrator is someone who creates pictures in magazines, books, publications, textiles, stationeries, calendar, greeting cards and many more. Today, illustrators are using computers to aid them in their work. They often draw using a paper and pen then scan it into the computer. This is where they can input colors and special manipulations in their illustrations.

You can become a glass artist. There are artists who want to work with wood and clay but there are also artists like you who are more interested in working with glass. As a glass artist, you will learn how to shape, blow and join glass to create artistic glass pieces. Processes that you need to master are lampworking, glassblowing and staining glass. As a glass artist, you will also need to decorate, paint and etch glass.

You can become a sketch artist. A sketch artist is a type of illustrator but mostly works manually. A sketch artist works with pencils, pastels and charcoal to create sketches. Where are sketches needed? Right now, law enforcement agencies need sketch artists to make sketches of suspects. This helps the public identify perpetrators and notify the authorities right away.

You can become a jewelry artist. Do you love beads and stones? This is the perfect online fine arts degree for you. Becoming a jewelry artist allows you to work with metals, beads and stones to create different kinds of jewelries like bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

You can become a medical and scientific illustrator. Medical illustrators use their knowledge in science and biology with drawing skills to create human anatomy images. They create 3-D models and animations for presentation purposes. Scientific illustrators create images of plants and animals regarding their molecular and atomic structures. They also create planetary and geologic formations. All these illustrations are helpful in audiovisual presentations and in medical and scientific publications. Moreover, there are those that work with lawyers to create exhibit images for a case.

You can become a sculptor. A sculptor makes 3-D art works through molding and joining materials like clay, glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone and plaster. A sculptor also has to carve and cut these materials to achieve the final handicraft product.

You can become a printmaker. A printmaker is an artist that creates images on metal etching plates, woodblocks and silkscreen. The image is then transferred to a piece of paper, which will be used for printing. The printed artwork is the final product.

Career Information For Craft Or Fine Art Artists

Craft or fine art artists held 56,900 jobs back in 2010. Most of these artists are self-employed. Those who are employed works for the government or private sector industry. Newspaper, book or periodical publishers as well as software publishers employ most of the fine arts designers.

ArtisticFine artists work in commercial art studios and fine art studios that are found in lofts, warehouses, homes or buildings. Often, these studios are very private to allow the artist to intimately work. All studios are well ventilated. One thing you can expect from an artist’s workplace is material residues.

The job outlook for craft and fine artists is expected to grow by 5% until 2020. The demand for artists will depend on the state of economy. If the economic times are good, more people will be interested in purchasing art works. Consequently, when the economy is down, people will set aside art shopping.

The median hourly pay for craft and fine artist is around $20.90. The lowest 10% earns around $9.10 an hour while the highest 10% earns around $44.04 an hour.

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